Which super star do you want to see in FIFA 18(B)

2017-06-21 15:38

Gabriel Batistuta  

Potential capacity value: 90
The list of another South American superstar, Argentina’s legendary striker Batistuta, although his style is very different to Romario, but he is high efficiency  and output, countless scores in club and national team make him be a super shooter.

Batistuta is a world-class finisher, whether violent header, close or remote shoots, he could always identify find the location of goal, no matter which foot touch the ball, he could score the goal.

Edgar Davids

Potential capacity value: 88
Those who older age senior gamers, must remember 14 years ago, 3 players appeared on FIFA 2003’s cover, comb a plait Holland defensive midfielder Davids, and other 2 super stars, Giggs and Roberto Carlos. To Davids, it’s time to return to game.

No matter n national team or club, Davids always the perfect midfielders’ representative. He has not only strong desire to fight and inexhaustible energy, but also has exceptional skill. At the same time, even he is one the game playing the best football players.

As the star players of the Ajex, which team won the UEFA Champions League, Davids’ style will certainly suit the ultimate team.

Lilian Thuram

Potential capacity value: 88
As the French center defender, Thuram made a great contribution to win the 1998 and 2000 European Football Championship. To describe this French defender is simple, he is one of the most perfect defensive players in the world.

Fast move, aggressive tackle skill, strong header with near perfect tackling, Thuram is the leader of defensive players at that time, whether he is in right back and center back, he makes defense be a art.

Thierry Henry

Potential capacity value: 93
Arsenal’s goal record holder, the greatest player of all time, Player time’s Henry, won countless honors, one of the best player in 21th-first Century in the world. 

If there is another player’s style is fitter to FIFA than Henry, we would likely to be told. French emperor has surprised skill to start and speed to deal with the ball in penalty area. When chance is coming, Henry has brutal calm, and his iconic left broken to cut shoot and the ball straight hanging distal corner is one of the most classic FIFA goals.