Which super star are you eager to see in FIFA 18(C)

2017-06-23 16:33


Potential capacity value: 90
As the only one in the world, who joined 3 times World Cup finals (winning 2 times), Cafu lifted FIFA World Cup Trophy as captain of Brazil in 2002 FIFA World Cup, he is one of the best soccer in the world without any doubt.

In the occupation career longevity level, Cafu is almost incomparable, when he was 30, he still flies on right side, repeatedly interspersed. Cafu dares to break normal rule and adventure, in modern football, almost imitated by every wing back.

Rene Higuita

Potential capacity value: 86
Different goalkeeper in ultimate team. Although Higuita did not make too much contribution during his career, but his special explanation to his potion perfectly caught world fans’ imagination.

In order to increase game’s authenticity, Higuita’s iconic Scorpion tail pendulum should be added to the game. If this crazy Columbia stands in front of your goal, the frame of goalkeeper bringing the ball forward will be more and more.

Jürgen Klinsmann

Potential capacity value: 91
Klinsmann is a striker who always gives good performances and high production in European 4 Leagues .No matter in VFB Stuttgart, FA Bayern, Tottenham Hotspur or AS Monaco, he could send the ball into net easily.

Although Klinsmann only stayed 2 seasons in Primer League and under 60 matches, but he still considered a legend in Tottenham’s history. That may owe to his famous diving celebration.
Perhaps, FIFA 18 can also add Klinsmann?

David Beckham

Potential capacity value: 89
Despite the distance Beckham announced his retirement only past few years, but we seem to have a long time not see his silhouette. Therefore, I believe many gamers are hoping to see him in the field of FIFA again, as soon as possible.

Beckham not only have very precise pass, but also is a rare place kick’s expert. Before joining Real Madrid became a member of Milky Way battleship, he almost won all the major trophies in Manchester United.

In addition, Beckham also served as the England national team captain for several years, these fully deserve to FIFA 18 idol players in the title.

Diego Maradona

Potential capacity value: 95
In the past 10 years, the argument about Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi who is the best footballer has been arguing. But one thing could be sure that after they retire, both of them will be legends in football history.

Before that, fans around the world forced on the issue was that Pele and Maradona who is the best in history on earth. Of course, Pele has already owned FIFA legend card, and his overall score reaches unprecedented 95 in game.

Therefore, if there is a chance to use Pele and Maradona at the same time, it is stirring to contrast them with overall. Argentina’s advantages must be reflected greatest in game, because his ability of dribbling and end attacking can be called epic level.