What makes you buy FIFA 18: Ronaldo, Switch edition, Journey’s sequel?

2017-06-14 14:30

Recently, EA has announced new version FIFA 18’s more details and specific selling points as follows: Ronaldo represents, Switch edition and new Journey’s sequel, started by €59.99, will be sale on September 29th .

EA has realized 4 football king candidates to represent last year, do not seem to bring a good effect (actual cover is Reus), So EA spends the large number of money changing the poster, which called C.Ronaldo, CR7 and Rocket Ronaldo by fans, Real Madrid major player, Cristiano Ronaldo. In trailer, Ronaldo shows his sign celebration movement and this game all of movements made by his live actions.

This time FIFA 18 also publishes Nintendo’s Switch edition. This news had been announced when Switch published, but at that time, many people thought it a special version of FIFA. The version of Switch is a little different to PC and Console, someone has played thinks its frame and operation feeling are similar to FIFA 17, DOCK mode is 1080p, console mode 720 runs. However, those are no accident, the edition of Switch could be separated and used Joy-Con to doubles, this an important selling point. 

Last year, FIFA 17 added to Journey mode, but this story does not finish, and FIFA 18 will continue Hunter Returns’ sequel. Alex Hunter has improved himself, he will continue his football way in the future. From the video, seems he joins Chelsea and may have chance to fight with Ronald. In last version, this mode could only play 1 season, this time wonder if we could play longer or not. 

Except Switch edition, PC and Console will use Frostbite Engine sequentially, and for PC, game needs a higher configuration, from the video, FIFA 18 will have a higher picture quality performance.

And the new version includes some news teams’ style, such as Barca’s tiki-taka, providing more tactics. Also it contains the unlucky dog’s most favorite mode, Ultimate team, adding to FUT ICONS classical players.

FIFA 18 will come into the market on September 29th this year, including version of Ronaldo, ICONS and standard edition, mainly different to the bonus content, and as little as €59.99. Game supports PS4, Xbox One, Origin (PC), also Switch, PS3, Xbox 360’s Legacy, now we can pre-order, I could hardly wait!