If Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid, the FIFA 18’s cover may be changed

2017-06-20 17:04

Many gamers have known that FIFA 18’s cover is Cristiano Ronaldo, wearing his club color as FIFA 18’s spokesperson. At present, EA plays this advertising video repeatedly in E3, but EA may meet an intractable problem so that they have to change their spokesperson. Because, Ronaldo may transfers and leaves Real Madrid.

It is reported by the BBC Sport, therefore the credibility is large, but the specific cause is not clear yet. There is rumor that because of taxes. But we do not know the real reason either so we do not talk about too much. It is important, in this way, how the transfer will affect the game? 
Obviously, if Cristiano will really leave Real Madrid, the cover of FIFA 18 could not be used sequentially, after all EA could not make Ronaldo with Real Madrid’s jersey to represent for them, in addition, this job EA may sign with his club not his person.
I guess Real Madrid must be vexed now, which players they select to be the new spokesperson next on earth? The number of Real Madrid? Or cancel this contract and find another? If you feel interested in it, keep watching on our site, we will update in time.
FIFA 18 is scheduled for release in September 29th this year, and the game will be landing on PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch/Xbox360.
Besides drumbeating, once player changes, then game’s content should be made some adjustment, whether it will affect the normal sale or not?